Made for Mini Jam 108. We started a day late and finished a day late. Standard PICO-8 controls. Z is select. X is back. Arrow keys move the selection.

It's can be hard for a lone hermit crab to survive in the wild. Luckily, this hermit has a giant sword! Chose between 9 action cards to defend yourself from predators!

Movement Cards (Green)

  • Move - Move one tile in any direction
  • Jump - Jump over a tile in any direction
  • Charge - Charge in any direction until you hit something

Attack Cards (Red)

  • Stab - Point your sword in any direction
  • Thrust - Hit the tile in front of your sword, and return to your original position
  • Spin - Hit all adjacent tiles

Utility Cards (Yellow)

  • Idle - Stay stationary for a turn
  • Swap - Swap positions with any enemy over land
  • Rewind - Rewind your last played card

There are 50 levels, so don't feel like you have to beat all of them.

You can also play on lexaloffle:

Here's the jam submission link:

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