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Fun! Managed to crack 1200pts. Really great use of risk/reward mechanics!

Here is the code:

::l::z,u,r,t,q,g,p=0,100,rnd,0,print,127,{t=-1,c=0,s=1,x=64,y=64,w=0,v=0}m={p}::h::cls(1)if t%30<1then
t=0 add(m,{t=30,c=r(7)+9,s=r(3)+1,x=0,y=0,w=r(.6)-.3,v=r(.6)-.3})z+=p.s end
function j(a)return btn(a)and.1or 0 end
p.w+=j(1)-j(0)p.v+=j(3)-j(2)if btn(4)then p.s=max(p.s-1,1)end if btn(5)then p.s=min(p.s+1,60)end
for i=1,#m do
a=m[i]circfill(a.x,a.y,a.s,a.t>0 and 5or a.c)a.x,a.y=(a.x+a.w)%g,(a.y+a.v)%g
if a.t==0then
if sqrt(e*e+f*f)<=p.s+a.s then u-=1end
else a.t-=1end end
q(u,114,3,8)q(z,3,3,7)if u<1then goto l end
t+=1flip()goto h